Knowledgable, Paitent and Helpful Sales Person (CLINT) very helpful.
Clint was very helpful with our decision making and choice or right jet ski (for us/our needs). We recently purchased a Seadoo Wake Pro 230 at Jacksonville Power Sports on Atlantic Blvd. Clint patiently worked with me, and my daughter, in 2018 and again in 2019, until we finally felt well informed and able to make the right choice. Having been away for jet skiing in more recent years, Seadoo jet skis have come a long way (since our old Seadoo SP an SPX days). Clint went over all the new features and functions, first with me; then again with my daughter. In great detail. And the former Vermonter knows a lot about Jet Skis (not just snowmobiles) and was able to not just answer, but explain in detailon all our many questions. And he had the patience to re-explain too! As a result, wet were able to make an intelligent/informed purchase decision and to do it feeling a sense of confidence. After hours of consultation with Clint, we ultimate chose a SEADOO WAKE PRO 230. We have only used it once so far (and willagain on Easter coming up, as the water gets warmer). We are very happy with the jet ski and the purchase transaction.. In addition to Clint, we spent enough time at the dealership to get to know and deal with some of the other employees there, including ROBERT (Parts Manager) and SAVANAGH (in office) both of them were also outstanding and helpful. We were disappointed in only one respect: We did not get the chance to meet Bill, the ownerwho, we learned, is (like my daughter) a SP and SPX aficionado. Bill is still doing it well up into his years (like me). [Bill was temporarily sidelined by a recent ankle injury, so we did not bother to seek his time; however, my daughter wants to meet and talk to him about their mutual love of SPs and SPXs, both being collectors of those great older and smaller Seadoos). I recommend this dealership and Clint. Everybody I met there seemed solid and helpful. Seems most of them are long time employees and happy to be working there and selling Seadoos (as well as other products too); that's a good sign about any business and its owner and management. Bob Bob Lippelman (Employee: Clint Peyronel)
Bob Lippelman
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