I dropped my bike off ( 2008 Kawasaki Nomad 1600 ) on Tuesday May 28th 2019. I just came back from a long road trip from the mountains. my left front fork seal started leaking on the trip. I spoke with Brandon, he took my information on what I want to get done on the bike. My bike has 54k on it. Of coarse inspect the front forks, service the coolant system, service the hyd clutch system and replace the front brake pads. When they went to repair the front fork seals, they informed me that the bearings, bushings in the forks were bad. They also informed me the bearings in the neck were flat spotted and worn. They recommended replacing all bearing seals, basically rebuild the complete front end. They performed all the service I asked and then some, they did it in a very timely manor. I am very happy with there service. The bike rides great and handles great. I would recommend them for any motor cycle repairs.
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