Christmas present!!
I wanted to purchase a Kawasaki 1400zxr and I dealt with St. Augustine powersports and got the run around for a week and an half. So it was getting close to Christmas so I searched around for other dealership and came across Powersports of Jacksonville and decided to give them a try and so glad I did!!! I filled out the request on Thursday afternoon, a call back on Friday morning from Kody whom was very nice He explained what they had in stock and the next that I needed to take and told me that I would receive a call later that afternoon. So I did exactly what Kody said and patiently waited for returned call stating yea or nah! That afternoon I received a call from Mrs. Barbara and it was wonderful news!!! ...she explained everything so simple step by step. She also answered any questions that I had concerning the financing process. At the end of our conversation she gave me her direct number to call her about other questions or concerns that I may have before I come pick up the motorcycle. On Monday I purchased my husband a Kawasaki 1400zxr just in time for Christmas....Yay!!!!! The whole process was quick and easy and in one day! On our arrival on Monday to sign the papers and pick up the motorcycle my husband and I was greeted by smiling face which was Omar, he welcome us to the store and was very nice during the process. Some salesman only want to make a sale with little or no transaction with the customer but not these guys. Omar, Kody, Mrs. Barbara actually held genuine conversations that made you feel like they were interested in you not only as a customer but a person while being very professional. If you are looking for a motorcycle, ATV etc. then I would recommend you to go to powersports in Jacksonville, Fl they are the BEST!!! Thanks Powersports in Jacksonville...Kudos to you and I will definitely continue doing business with you guys in the future. Connie Joiner (One happy customer) (Employee: Omar Torres, KODY RASCOE, Barbara Roberts)
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