Excellent customer service
3 of the nicest guys I know in the Powersports industry and they make a big difference to me as a customer. Marshall is their Service Manager and someone who truly listens to what you need done in terms of service, he always has proactive feedback and very trust worthy. Byron is a wealth of knowledge on the sales side and also a super nice guy. I've known him for 10 years+ (in and out of the dealership) and again a very trust worthy source who will work to put you into the right bike, Seadoo, etc. And George is their parts person who is knows everything about parts and accessories. If you have a Powersports need- start with these 3 guys. Once you do, you'll understand their customer focused attitudes and not some of the bad attitudes you get elsewhere. (Employee: Marshall Johnson, Byron Comer, George Masdea)
Keith Paris
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